How you can benefit from social media

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Ok, Social Media. If you rarely post something on social platforms, you may want to revamp your marketing strategy. Why? Because it's inseparable part of our culture. 

The modern society needs modern ways to do business. 
In today's society, we desire a constant stream of data at our fingertips. We are always greedy for information and social media feeds us.  We are always scrolling our social media’s newsfeeds. So, if social media is where everyone's looking for information, you MUST always be there to be found in order to get in front of customers when they're on their mobile devices and during their daily routine.


How you can benefit from social media?

Know where to be present. Keep your audience in mind. You don't have to be on every single social media platform. - stick to the ones that your prospect tends to use. My suggestion is 3,4 platforms, not more.

 Promote your content. Don’t wait for your audience to find you. Study them online behavior, which social platforms do they spend more time on, what time of the day are they on, where they spend their social time online. Make it easier for them see you

·        Be a Human. People like to interact with people, so you may want to be a human. Don’t be too formal. Comments or messages allow for a natural, informal way of communicating.


My hint here is to use social media for customer service. Have an active and friendly presence and humanized responses, so you can increase brand equity.  

·       Position your business as a useful, interesting source of information by promoting short, eye catchy, easy to understand and visual content. Make sure everything you share is useful, educational and accessible.


Social media has changed the whole marketing game completely. Be a part of this game, it’s fun, simple and rewarding. 

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